Before Your Treatment

SoulShine Electrolysis

After Your Treatment

Truly Permanent Hair Removal

* Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!  Drink a lot of water the day before, day of, and the day after your treatments.  Electrolysis relies on moisture in the follicle to be effective.  Dehydrated skin means you will need more treatments to permanently destroy the follicle.  Drinking water the day after your treatment helps the skin to heal faster.

* Exfoliate and moisturize the area the day before your treatment

* When working on facial area, please do not wear make-up, I will only end up having to clean it off, which takes time away from our session.

* When working on the underarms please do not wear deodorant, I will only end up having to clean it off, which takes time away from our session.

* Hygiene is extremely important.  Please shower the day of your appointment.

* Avoid caffeine and sugar the day of your session.  These stimulates can dehydrate your skin and make you more sensitive during treatments

* Stress, fatigue and too much sodium can influence the comfort level of your treatments

* Some clients like to take their favorite anti-inflammatory /pain reliever 30 minutes before a treatment to make your session more comfortable

* Topical anesthetic creams are available either over the counter or with a doctor’s prescription.  If you choose to apply topical anesthetic before your appointments, please do so an hour before your session.  Apply liberally and cover with saran wrap.  Keep saran wrap in place with medical tape or very tight clothing.  Saran wrap helps to heat the area which activates the numbing cream.  Do not remove saran wrap.  It will be removed as we work on the area to be treated.

* Avoid sun exposure 24-48hours prior to your session.  Sun exposure can dilate blood vessels.

* Woman may find they are more sensitive the days leading up to their period.  If your sensations are extremely heightened it may be necessary to avoid appointments on these days.

* These before treatment reminders are not only to keep our session sanitary and safe, but to make the most of your sessions and in turn save you money.

* After your treatment, it is normal to be red and slightly swollen.  Both of these conditions usually disappear within a few hours

* In general, avoid activities that would irritate the skin while it is healing

* Do not touch or scratch the area treated.  Bacteria is easily transferred from fingers to the treated area which can cause infection or a breakout of white heads and or pimples

* Do not apply makeup to the treated area until the following day.  This too can cause infection or a breakout of white heads and or pimples

* Do not wash the area with soap, use perfume, or any alcohol based products.  This will dry out your skin and cause irritation.  Wipe the area with witch hazel to clean

* Keep the area clean

* To reduce swelling ice can be applied after your treatments

* Avoid excessive sweating if working on areas below the neck.  Sweat can transfer bacteria into the open treated follicles and cause infection.  Exercise should be done prior to you electrolysis appointment

* Do not swim in chlorinated pools, avoid hot tubs, and do not use the steam room or sauna for 48 hours after a treatment

* Avoid sun exposure for 48- 72 hours.  Your skin defends against UV rays by producing pigment to deflect the harmful rays.  When your skin is injured or traumatized it can over-produce pigment in these areas.  This can result in hyper pigmentation (formation on brown spots).  Always wear Sunscreen!

* Small crusts or scabs may appear, this is normal and part of the healing process.  Do not scratch them off as it may leave scars behind.  Allow them to fall of naturally.  Keeping the area moist will curtail the formation of scabs.

* Aloe Vera Gel helps to sooth the treated area.

* The evening of your treatment apply any antibacterial ointment or cream (Bacitracin, Polysporin, Neosporin, etc.) to the treated area. This helps with the healing process (especially in the facial areas).  Ointments or Creams should be applied with clean hands or Q-tips.  If irritation continues into the second day apply a hydrocortisone cream (Arnica, Cortisone, anything with 1% hydrocortisone or hydrocortisone acetate).  It is an anti-inflammatory and will reduce swelling and redness.  It even works on pimples!

* If discomfort occurs apply an Epson Salt Compress: Add 1 tsp. Epson Salt to ½ Cup of warm water.  Stir mixture to dissolve salts, then soak up mixture with a wash cloth.  Lay the washcloth over the treated area for 10 minutes, repeat until discomfort subsides.

*Anti-inflammatory / pain relievers are also recommend if necessary. Please avoid aspirin 24 hours before and after a treatment, as it is an anticoagulant.

*After redness disappears and the skin has healed exfoliate and moisturize the area.

*Do not tweeze between appointments!  You will not only make your hair growth situation worse, you are tweezing a hair that is in the exact phase of growth to be properly treated with electrolysis and destroyed forever!  You may shave or bleach the hair until your next appointment.  Be sure to have at least a bit of small growth by the time of your next appointment.  To treat the hair I will need to be able to grasp it with the tweezers.

*If a reaction occurs be sure to contact me.  Knowing how your skin reacts will help to make the necessary adjustments for a more comfortable experience.  I can further advise you on caring for the reaction.

*Please remember that some regrowth is to be expected.   This regrowth should be treated as it first appears because the roots are shorter and weaker and therefore can be treated more effectively.